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Lady Antebellum Soundtracks All Our Feels With This 'Best of Me' Music Video

Oh, we're walking a straight line. To the theater. To see this movie. Immediately.

We've already been gifted two swoon-filled trailers for upcoming big-screen Nicholas Sparks adaptation 'The Best of Me' – but Lady Antebellum is here to remind us that two is never, ever enough.

The band's new video for the song "I Did With You" – which is featured on the film's soundtrack – is essentially the next best thing to having the full movie in our eyeballs (soon, ya'll – October 17 is just around the corner!)

The twang-filled, sepia-toned love song contains so many feels (and film clips!) that it's impossible to avoid being swept up in the nostalgia cyclone twisting the past love and present heartbreak of Michelle Monaghan and James Marsden's characters. Don't even try to tie those emotions down – "The Best of Me" is gonna be a bonafide category F5 tenderness tornado.

Like Lady Antebellum croons, love comes in circles.