Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

No One On Earth Has A Hollywood Handprint Like Mel Brooks

'I desperately need to wash my hands,' he joked afterwards on Twitter.

Earlier this week, Mel Brooks decided to play a little joke on Hollywood, as an infamous comic obviously should.

On Monday, (September 8) Brooks officially participated in a handprint and footprint ceremony outside of the historic Grauman Chinese Theatre, but a closer look at his commemorative handprints revealed something fishy about the prints.

If you count them all up, there's eleven fingers!

Brooks attached a prosthetic finger to one of his hands to achieve the six-finger handprint for the ceremony, which was held to honor the 40th anniversary of his film "Young Frankenstein."

Later, in an appearance on Conan, Brooks talked about the prank.

"I wanted to do something just a little different, I didn't know what," he said. "So I got another finger. Somebody's gonna come in from Des Moines, Iowa and say, 'Mother... Does Mel Brooks have six fingers?'"

That's one way to go down in history.