Exclusive: Listen To The Entire 'The Maze Runner' Soundtrack

A dramatic, twenty-one track affair from John Paesano.

Although "The Maze Runner" doesn't hit theaters until September 19, we've got something to tide you over.

The soundtrack for the entire movie is debuting exclusively with MTV, so you can get a sense of the dramatic twists and turns that will haunt Dylan O’Brien and co. as they attempt to find their way through the daunting maze in the film.

The music was composed by John Paesano and spans twenty-one track names that definitely correspond with different sections of the film. With song names like "Banishment," "Into The Maze" and "Trapped," fans can guess which part of the plot certain songs will accompany.

Stream the whole thing below, and don't forget to check out our Million Dollar Maze Runner show that premieres this Sunday (September 14). You can even get to know the teams. Maybe some of them will be listening to the soundtrack to get pumped up? Might be a good call.

Listen to the soundtrack below.