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Deadmau5 Became An Uber Driver, Left The Ears At Home

Dropping bass -- and passengers -- all over town.

Deadmau5 took some time out from his legal battle with Disney Thursday night to drive strangers around in his super fancy McLaren 650S. Yup, Joel Thomas Zimmerman is now an UberX driver, and his vehicle of choice kind of looks like the car in "Back To The Future" -- you know, without the flames and traveling-through-time.

The Huffington Post reports that news of the music producer's new job started emerging on Twitter last night, as Zimmerman motored through Toronto, picking up folks who promptly shared the news to their various and sundry social channels.

I mean, can you blame them? Imagine calling an Uber to get home from some terrible date with a stand-up comedian wearing eyeliner who talked about his mother for 30 minutes straight (not that this happened to anyone I know...), and effing Deadmau5 rolls up the curb! Night saved! Instant party! Someone find the bass and then promptly drop it.

I mean, just look at this fancy, fancy thing... I'd be saying "What?!" too.

UberX -- Uber's lower-cost service -- just launched in Canada this week, so it looks like Deadmau5 worked fast when it came to getting into the taxiing biz.

Oh! And lest you worry, from the looks of it, Zimmerman did NOT don his iconic mouse head while driving -- you know, blind spots and all. Safety first.

It also looks like last night won't be the EDM star's only foray into Ubering -- if the below tweet is to believed -- so keep an eye on your app, people of Toronto!