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MGK Made A Pump-Up Anthem For The Cleveland Browns

He put on for his city.

Machine Gun Kelly has always repped his native Cleveland to the fullest. He's even rolled with the local sports teams, like when he showed up to the 2013 NBA Draft Lottery with the Cleveland Cavaliers owner. Now, he's putting on for the city's football team with his new theme song, "Rock & Roll (Dog Pound Remix)."

"With all of the renewed energy in the city I decided it was time to create a new theme song to celebrate the Cleveland Browns," Kells wrote when he posted the song, both a reference to the NFL season, which began last week, and the Browns' rookie quarterback, Johnny Manziel.

Like the title suggests, the track is a rock and roll-influenced jam, with an electric guitar setting the tone throughout (the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is, of course, located in Cleveland).

MGK, who is currently on tour, will be performing the song during halftime at the Browns' home game against the New Orleans Saints this Sunday.