Dylan O'Brien Officially Has The Best Victory Dance Ever -- Watch

Plus, 11 GIFs of the 'Maze Runner' star dancing like the dork we know and love.

With "The Maze Runner" hitting theaters September 19th, the main cast have been promoting up a storm. In an interview of sorts with AwesomenessTV, Dylan O'Brien, Kaya Scoledario, Will Poulter and Thomas Brodie-Sangster play a game called "Fugitive" -- basically, the British version of Cops & Robbers.

Cop Scoledario squares off against robbers Poulter, Brodie-Sangster, and O'Brien as they run like crazy to escape her, and it's the most adorable thing ever. It's also probably a welcome break for O'Brien who, at this point, may have been asked "Did you have to run in your audition?" approximately one billion times by now.

Check it out:

Of course, Dylan won -- he is the Maze Runner after all -- and his victory dance is the best thing we've seen all day:

However, it's hardly the first time that O'Brien has goofed off in GIF-worthy form. Here's something you may or may not have known about Dylan O'Brien -- he likes to dance. Like a total dork. And we love it more than puppies.

Don't believe us?

Here's Dylan dancing on the set of "The Maze Runner":

Here's Dylan dancing while lip-synching to "Call Me Maybe" on the set of "The Internship":

Here's Dylan dancing on the set of "The Internship" again, now with 100% more Quidditch brooms:

Here's Dylan making hip-shaking a team sport with Tyler Posey in a "Teen Wolf" outtake:

Here's Dylan dancing in another "Teen Wolf" outtake (R.I.P. buzzcut):

Here's Dylan as Stiles Stilinski dancing like a madman in "Teen Wolf" and clearly about to sprain something:

Here's Dylan unleashing his inner "Teen Wolf" (scary!):

Here's Dylan doing whatever this is on a red carpet:

Here's Dylan dancing behind the scenes of a photo shoot:

And lastly, here's Dylan dancing nearby a thoroughly unimpressed security guard (don't worry, Dylan -- we're charmed!):

BONUS ROUND: "Teen Wolf" Castmates

Simply because it seems relevant, here are some GIFs of Dylan's "Teen Wolf" castmates dancing up a storm themselves. Because we're givers!

Here's Tyler Hoechlin shaking his butt on a basketball court...

...before going into a backflip because he can and because this is America:

Here's Sinqua Walls making fun of Hoechlin's dancing...

...while Hoechlin stands right there, as cheerful about it as he is about everything:

Finally, may we never forget...

Tyler Posey dancing up on Jennifer Lopez in a "Maid In Manhattan" reunion at the "Teen Choice Awards":

Dorks. (Love you!)

Did we miss any of Dylan's most important booty-shaking moments? Which was your fave? Let us know!