Nirvana Lyrics Baffle Teens

Whatever, nevermind.

A few months ago, a video titled "Teens React To Nirvana" delighted us all, as a cadre of young ones expressed their admiration for the seminal band. A new video, however, shows that while the younger set may be down with Cobain and Co., they might not necessarily be able to sing along when "Smells Like Teen Spirit" hits the speakers.

Watch a group of teens -- hilariously -- react to the jam's lyrics (sans music) below, or just comb through some of the best responses we culled from the bunch.

Before you judge, though, take a look at #11, because it's actually kind of true. (Unless you've learned all the lyrics to "Lithium" alone in your apartment, practicing with your cat for karaoke night. Which is something I definitely haven't done...)

1.) I don't know if this person knows, but lyrics are supposed to be, like, connect[ed].

2.) 'Oh no, I know a dirty word' -- that's like something that a kid would say.

3.) He must have no confidence that the best thing they do, they suck at it.

4.) Is this a Kanye West song?

5.) This does not make any sense.

6.) [Whatever, nevermind] -- that used to be my Tumblr URL. Maybe this is about teenage wrath.

7.) They don't even rhyme properly.

8.) Now it's sounding like a love song.

9.) I'm confused. This is starting to creep me out a bit.

10.) this 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' by Nirvana?! Oh my God, Nirvana! I'm so sorry I compared you to Kid Cudi and Kanye West!

11.) But granted, you cannot understand what Kurt Cobain is saying most of the time.