One Toronto Girl Used Drake's Face To Launch A Viral 'Degrassi' Meme

Wheelchair Jimmy lives forever.

Sure, plenty of people who love Drake as a rapper enjoy make jokes about his past life as Jimmy Brooks on the show "Degrassi," but one Toronto fan has taken it to the next level.

Journalist Lauren O'Neil, 28, began the process she calls "draking" a few days ago, by adding Drake's face to handicapped signs around the city. To O'Neil, and many fans of the Candian TV Show, Aubrey will never really outgrow his days as Wheelchair Jimmy.


Eventually, the images became a viral meme, which is something that Lauren and her boyfriend Steven Stinson, who was her partner-in-crimer for the stunt, did not expect.

"My boyfriend made the stickers last Wednesday and we’ve been ‘draking’ the town ever since," she told Buzzfeed. "We just want to make people smile."

Courtesy of Lauren O’Neil

Well, we're all smiles! Drake's probably too busy traveling for his Drake Vs. Wayne tour to notice, but then again, we all know Drizzy keeps a close watch on Drake-related memes. #StarbucksDrakeHands, anyone?