Maury Phillips

Kendrick Lamar Tells Chris Brown 'You Reaping What You Sow' On 'Autumn Leaves'

Brown and K.Dot get emo.

Just in time for the change of season, Chris Brown’s Kendrick Lamar-assisted “Autumn Leaves” leaked on the Internets Wednesday (September 10).

The “Loyal” crooner slows things all the way down on this Bam and Roccstar-produced track, even delving into his emo side.

"I seems that all the autumn leaves are falling/I feel like you're the only reason for it/All the things you do, all the things you, do all the things you do,” he sings on the melancholy chorus.

Buoyed by the pulsing bass line that pumps like an electrocardiogram, the Grammy Award-winning singer pours out his heart using the metaphoric imagery of leaves falling to the ground before passing the baton to K.Dot.

“When you're outlandish and you lose manners, to God you shall consult/When the bright cameras are still cramming in your face and it provoke/You to act mannish, just stay planted, because you reaping what you sow,” he raps in his signature iambic pentameter.

You can pre-order X, which drops next week on September 16, on iTunes now, and listen to the new collab below.