Al Pacino Tells Us Why He Went Indie With 'Manglehorn'

We asked him about his business.

It would be pretty easy for Al Pacino to sit back and relax. The acclaimed actor has won an Oscar, been nominated seven other times, and starred in some of the most lauded movies ever, in addition to being an accomplished stage performer. (Amazingly, he also almost played Han Solo in "Star Wars").

Which is why it's even more amazing that the 74-year-old actor has not one, but two films at this year's Toronto International Film Festival: "The Humbling" and "Manglehorn."

"Manglehorn," where Pacino plays the title character, was directed by David Gordon Green, whose very strange and unique style led to the success of "Pineapple Express," and Pacino was eager to work with the offbeat director.

"He's very special," Pacino said, who also added that he was very happy to see the movie at a festival like TIFF. "The opportunity to see a movie on a big screen, you can only go to festivals to see them now. It's rarer and rarer."

But don't expect a Pacino like anything you've seen before. "Manglehorn" has all the trademarks of David Gordon Green, and Pacino did it specifically so he could try something new.

"It feels like an experiment, which is what I liked about it, and it feels like a David Gordon Green at doing yet another different thing," Pacino told us. "I really thought, why not go with this guy and see what it's like doing this independent film."