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Zac Efron And Max Joseph Go Shirtless -- See The Photo Now!

The actor and his 'We Are Your Friends' director strip down after a day of filming.

Zac Efron and Max Joseph are hard at work filming the coming-of-age drama "We Are Your Friends," but sometimes it's necessary to unwind when you're spending long hours in front of the camera and behind the lens, respectively. One way to take a breather if your location is a SoCal beach? If you ask the actor and director, losing your shirt and enjoying the breeze is the perfect solution.

Max Joseph's Instagram

"Well, I wrote the part for myself but I can't deny that he's got something I don't. Jk. I wrote it for Robert De Niro. #weareyourfriends #wayf #ineedtoworkout #ialsoneedatan #youknewthiswascoming @wayfmovie," MTV's resident silver fox captioned the Instagram snapshot above of the fellas mugging, slightly unclothed. Well, would you look at that stunning view.

Being shirtless while on the clock is new territory for the "Catfish" host -- he's never ditched his top while trying to solve cyber mysteries with Nev Schulman-- but for Zac? Not so much. Watch the video below which showcases every single time the blue-eyed hunk has been without a shirt on the big screen.