Watch Jeff Goldblum Lead A 'Jurassic Park' Sing-Along

Hold on to your butts.

There has probably never been a more pure, unadulterated moment of Goldblum than this one from Tuesday's (September 9) "Late Night with Seth Meyers," when guest Jeff Goldblum picked up a microphone to sing the "Jurassic Park" theme song -- and then led the entire studio audience in a delightful repeat sing-along.

You can add this to the never-ending list of moments with which Jeff Goldblum, in all his Goldblumminess, unintentionally caused mass heart palpitations among all the ladies present. And in addition to being such a good sport about singing this really silly song, can we just point out that Jeff is a seriously A+ crooner? We eagerly await the release of his solo album, featuring such hits as "Let Me Teach You Chaos Theory" and "Gonna Stammer 'Til Your Pants Drop."