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MisterWives' Mandy Lee Actually Liked Wearing A School Uniform

If you've been keeping up with Finding Carter this season, you're probably well aware of the band MisterWives without even realizing it. MisterWives is responsible for "Vagabond," Finding Carter’s theme song—those gorgeous vocals belong to Mandy Lee, the band's lead singer (and sole female). I was lucky enough to chat with Mandy and get some back-to-school ideas, vegan shopping tips, and what it's like to pack for tour. Below are my five fave clips from our conversation.

Dreading School? Watch MisterWives’ New Video ASAP

1. In their new music video for "Reflections," the band wears school uniforms. To customize an outfit you don't have full control over, Mandy suggests accessorizing with "sparkly socks, ties, pins, and hairstyles." She also mentioned that she actually—gasp!—liked wearing a uniform, because it provided a "palette to work around." Although my seventh-grade self would not agree, my adult self totally does—getting dressed every single day is hard.


2. Mandy's back-to-school picks were always "prints, wacky things, and pink Dr. Martens." Her preferences have remained largely the same since she was young. She said, "If you look at pictures of me as a baby and now, not much has changed." A baby in leopard print is one #FASHUN-forward child. I dig it.

3. Mandy has been a vegan for six years, so she's a pro at shopping for animal-free products and told me that, actually, these days it's fairly easy to buy stylish vegan pieces. One place she suggests is Piperlime, a site that has a ton of bold prints (something she swears by) and vegan leather options. Mandy actually collaborated with the site and shared her vegan-friendly picks.

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4. Considering I have a hard time packing for the weekend, I can only imagine how difficult packing for a months-long tour in different climates is. Fortunately, Mandy confirmed her status as an overpacker and described her suitcase as "massive, with eight wheels." Um, that's not a suitcase, that's a truck. She also revealed that if she's out of clean laundry, she'll hit up a nearby Forever 21. I do that too and I'm never traveling for months at a time, so...#bow.

5. And, finally, Mandy shared what life is like in close confines with five dudes: smelly. She said she's "got a lot of incense" with her and keeps things under control by wielding a water gun she picked up at a gas station. I think I'm going to adapt that tactic to my office setting. If any of my co-workers get out of hand, they can plan on getting wet.

Be sure to check out the MisterWives' song on Finding Carter tonight at 10 PM EST on MTV, and head over to their artist page for more.