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Calvin Harris Passes The 'Blame' With New Single

This is your new avoiding-responsibility jam.

Summer may be on its way out, but there's still plenty of time to make poor decisions -- and subsequently refuse to take responsibility for them. And when it comes to an anthem for said poor decision-making, Calvin Harris and U.K. soul singer John Newman have you covered with "Blame."

Harris teased the dancey jam just the other week, and now the full track is here. While it's definitely the kind of song one can dance (and fist-pump) to, the seriousness of the lyrics belies the body-undulating beat.

"Can't be sleeping/ Keep on waking/ Is that the woman next to me?/ Guilt is burning/ Inside I'm hurting/ This ain't a feeling I can keep," Newman sings, then passes the buck by crooning, "So blame it on the night/ Don't blame it on me."

A compelling argument, guys, but we're guessing an increment of time cannot be the progenitor of an egregious error. Translation: "It" is probably your fault.

“Blame” follows on the heels of Harris’ “Summer." The two tracks will likely appear on the producer’s so-far-untitled fourth studio album.