See The Funniest Moments From 'Teen Wolf''s Season 4!

There's a dark season finale to come but, in the meantime, let's remember the good times.

Sometimes, when a gaggle of hit men are hot on your heels, a crazed werejaguar's still on the loose and something called a Berserker is hiding around every corner, all you can do is laugh.

After an especially dark "Teen Wolf" season that made a villain out of the affable Stiles Stilinski and erased Allison Argent from the face of the earth, the show's stars insisted Season 4 would harken back to its roots and provide at least a little bit more laughter. And you know what? Job well done -- between many a botched lacrosse play and more romantic awkwardness than a single teenager should have to endure, Beacon Hills doubled as a comedy club this time around, and we were happy to pay for entry.

Sure, there were still some deliciously gruesome moments, but it was nice to see that Scott & Co. haven't lost their sense of humor. Check out the funniest bits of "Teen Wolf" Season 4, tell us which is your favorite and see what happens on tonight's season finale at 10/9c!

Scott makes his feelings (un)clear:

Former werecoyote Malia takes a bite out of life as a human:

Stiles leaves it all on the field:

Kira makes a bid for Julliard:

Stiles and Malia take their relationship to the next level:

Braeden ain't messin' around:

Parrish feels short-changed: