'Tindafella' Explains Why He's Spoofing Girls' Weird Tinder Pics

Jarrod Allen tells us what it's like to be a viral internet superstar, how girls react to his parodies, and whether it's gotten him any Tinder matches.

You might've seen our first post about "Tindafella" Jarrod Allen last week. If you didn't, basically he spends his free time recreating ladies' profile pics from Tinder. "Re-creation is the finest form of flattery," Jarrod -- who hails from Manly in Sydney, Australia -- told us.

He's an electrician by profession, a brand ambassador for Budgy Smuggler (a type of Australian swimwear), a professional SUP ball player (stand-up paddle ball, a sport unique to Manly), and a beard ambassador for Beard Season (a charity that raises awareness for skin cancer). But it's copying girls' Tinder pics that has shot him to internet fame. We asked him all of our burning Tindafella-related questions.

MTV News: What made you decide to recreate girls' Tinder pics?

Jarrod Allen: I was just looking through Tinder and saw this chick with this wicked set of eyebrows.

Then this happened:

[My friend] said, "That's f---ing hilarious," and then I put it on Facebook and it got like 400 likes. So I knew I was up to something. People just started asking me to do more, so here I am still doing them. I started the [Tindafella] Tumblr because a mate of mine wanted to show all the guys in his office.

MTV: Were you expecting everyone to love it so much?

Allen: Everyone seems to enjoy it. I initially had 7,000 followers, went to bed, and then woke up the next morning and had like 14,000. [I figured] I must be onto something because it shot up pretty quickly, and then I saw it on Chive and now it's up to 48,000.

MTV: So what's being a viral internet superstar like?

Allen: It's not too bad. I'm still waiting for the perks to come in...just waiting for free t-shirts and such.

MTV: How do you decide if a photo is worth recreating or not?

Allen: Just if I think it's funny enough. If I look at it and have a giggle...if I know when I recreate [the photo], it'll look funny...I'm just running with the "it has to be so bad it's good" motto, which most of them are pretty terrible.

MTV: Do your friends help you?

Allen: I usually just get them to take the photo. My sister hates doing it because I'm very picky, and it has to be right. If it's not right, it gets done again. I've got a mate -- Cam [Brown], he's the other bloke with the beard in some of the photos -- he helps out a fair bit.

MTV: Is there a particular photo you really loved doing?

Allen: The milk one was good fun. I had to enlist Cam for that one and my cousin. We went down and bought six liters of milk and didn't realize how cold it was going to be, but then poured it on us -- it was ice cold milk. It got all in my eyes, I couldn't see for like three minutes after.

Jarrod's caption: "Our milkshakes bring all the swipe rights to the yard"

MTV: Do you message the girls whose photos you use?

Allen: I don't get matches with them! *laughs*

MTV: Oh no! Has being Tindafella changed how you use the app?

Allen: I don't really use it, I find it all a bit weird. I don't know, it's just pretty shallow, the whole thing. I'm more than happy to walk up to somebody and have a chat. I'm rubbish on Tinder...[I'm] very sarcastic and trying to get that across in text just never works. I'm better in person than I am on texting, so Tinder just doesn't work for me.

MTV: That makes sense. So you just use Tinder for comic relief now?

Allen: Pretty much...just screenshotting photos...but I get messages from random numbers and stuff, people sending me pictures being like, "You've got to do this one." I've got one mate -- he's got a girlfriend and all -- who pretty much is on Tinder just to get photos for us.

MTV: Do you use the photos people send to you?

Allen: Yea for sure, if they're funny enough. That pole dancing one from yesterday was sent [by someone]. I've gone out a couple of times and had people come up to us who are just like, "I've got a photo to send to you." And I give them my number, and then [in] the morning I get a photo...I do my best to recreate it for them.

MTV: What's your Tinder profile like?

Allen: I'm pretty sure I've just got the photos of me [having a laugh] at girls on Tinder...yep, [there's] the milk one.

MTV: So girls know what they're getting themselves into when they see your profile.

Allen: Yea -- trouble!

MTV: Have you gotten any negative feedback from the people in the original photos?

Allen: [The girls] all like it, there was only one girl who got in contact with us. She was like, "Can you take that down just because I've got a business interview that that would negatively affect?" So I took it down for her. But besides that, all the feedback's been pretty positive. [A girl] commented on our photo the other day [saying], "I'm a feminist and I was gonna have a crack at you, but it's just too funny so well done."

I've had a few people message me about it. Some guy messaged yesterday, and he just wanted to write and say thank you because [the photos] cheered him up. I got tagged in [another post] the other day. Someone put up a post that they were considering committing suicide and they had the Imgur page thing open...[she] saw the photos and couldn't stop laughing for some reason. She was like, I was in a really dark place and started hysterically laughing and just wanted to say thank you. So it seems to be having a pretty good impact on people having bad days, which is good.

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