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This Might Be The Most Basketball Moment Of New York Fashion Week

Oh, what's this? Is this a little snapshot of some of the Hood By Air show's celebrity attendees? Is this James Goldstein and Nick Young hobnobbing at a fashion show and not in the Staples Center? Is this the most ~basketball~ moment of New York Fashion Week? I'M PRETTY FREAKIN' SURE IT IS.

I'm also pretty sure this is "news" only L.A. Lakers fans will care about, but OH RIGHT, I'm one of those, soooooo...


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Even if you're not an NBA fan, there's a pretty good chance that you know about Nick Young, especially if you follow fashion. Swaggy P has made a name for himself as one of the most stylish dudes in sports, so it only makes sense that he'd pop up at New York Fashion Week.

James Goldstein, on the other hand, might be a little less familiar to you. Well-known as a multi-millionaire NBA superfan, you can spot Mr. Goldstein at just about EVERY home basketball game in L.A. And I do mean "every" game. Lakers OR Clippers. And you can usually find him sporting such EXTREME FASHION as this here outfit he wore to HBA.

There's still a lot of Fashion Week left on the calendar and Russell Westbrook has definitely been making the rounds, but we're, like, 99.9999% sure this is going to be the sportsball highlight of this NYFW.

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