Karl Lagerfeld's Cat Wants You To Try Furry Eyelashes This Holiday Season

In case you were feeling good about yourself, your career, or your life in general, there is yet another cat in the world who is more successful than you ever will be, and her name is Choupette. She’s the First Lady of famous (and #flawless) felines, she belongs to designer Karl Lagerfeld, and she’s now officially the model and spokescat for (human) cosmetic brand Shu Uemura’s holiday capsule collection, Shupette, because of course.

While news of Shu Uemura's collab with the chicest thing to ever walk on four legs was announced in July, the images for the campaign have just now arrived, and they’re pretty purrrrfect (had to), complete with an original drawing of Choupette from Chanel’s HBIC himself, Karl Lagerfeld. I guess eating Friskies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner has really paid off for Choupette…LOL, JK, she eats gold-flaked caviar.

To ease the burn of a cat being highly successful despite her inability to speak articulately like you can, I suggest actually checking out Shu Uemura’s collection, because they’re kind of adorable.

From furry eyelashes (don’t ask, just go with it) to other fun, feline-themed products emblazoned with Choupette’s mantras (and, frankly, now mine as well)—"queen of catnaps" and "social media’s most wanted,"—it’s everything your inner cat lady has ever dreamed of.