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One Direction Flip Out Fans With Album Announce: See The Best Reactions Here!


One Direction shocked the entire Directioner assembly on Monday morning (September 8) when the five lads announced that their new album, Four, would be out November 17 and "Fireproof" was available for download right now.

Some fans think the album title makes sense, since the band has spent four years together.

Others think the album title is a black sheep, not matching the fivesome's night-themed names.

Most of their American fans were just starting school when the announcement came out.

And for those who weren't in school, they woke up to nice little surprise.

Nevertheless, the news was unavoidable.

Directioners are loving the sound of "Fireproof." It's definitely something unlike their other music.

Some are thinking Four is going to be better than Take Me Home, Up All Night and Midnight Memories.

They're so pumped about it that they're already writing fanfic.

And memorizing the lyrics.

With new book, movie, perfume, tour, and now an album planned, this fan suggests that One Direction have a bigger plan up their sleeve.

There are even some conspiracy theorists out there already.