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We Called La Roux's Faux Phone-Sex Hotline

That number in the 'Kiss And Not Tell' video? It's real.

In case you missed it, La Roux dropped her new video for "Kiss And Not Tell" last night. The Alexander Brown-directed clip sees Elly Jackson channeling her inner, early-'80s sex goddess as she vamps her way through a mock TV ad for a phone-sex hotline.

And, much like the men and women featured in the video for the track, I couldn't resist calling the number on my screen.

Polydor Ltd.

Although a similar conceit was used in The Black Keys' "Fever" video earlier this year, dialing 011-44-155-728-0014 will actually lead you to a pre-recorded menu message, presumably left by the "Let Me Down Gently" singer herself. (As opposed to the confused-sounding woman on the other end of The Black Keys' line who may or may not have actually known what was going on.)

"You're through to the 'Kiss And Not Tell' hotline," the voice calmly states before presenting my options. "Press 1 to get down. Press 2 to leave a cheeky message. Be careful what you say -- these recordings can and will be shared."

Hitting 1 took me to a call waiting-like recording of the Trouble In Paradise track, and entering 2 let me "leave a cheeky message" as promised -- but I froze and hung up in a moment of cheeky-message stage fright. I mean, she said the recording could and would be shared! Plus, I don't think my coworkers and I are at that "Hear each other record fake phone-sex hotline messages" level yet.

If you're braver than I, go ahead and dial in. Or, just watch La Roux's "Kiss And Not Tell" video below.