Miley Cyrus Wears Pasties To Get Into NYFW's 'No Flex Zone'

Just pasties. Because that's a thing you wear to a party.

Miley Cyrus hasn't forgotten about the whole Free the Nipple campaign thing. In addition to prepping the debut of her art collection for New York Fashion week in a collaboration with Jeremy Scott, Miley dropped her top at a NYFW after-party in Brooklyn on Saturday night and got real close to freeing hers. In fact, the only things she remembered to wear were black leggings, pill-covered sunglasses and pasties.

Here she is in the "No Flex Zone."

"BTW I don't have some weird rash. I got pink glitter rubbed all over me on the party bus. #RAVE," she clarified.

And, of course, "Pukey ravey baby."