This 14-Year-Old Girl Kickstarted Her Own Slasher Film—Watch The Trailer For 'Carver'

Wes Craven, watch your back!

Some teenagers are just completely ahead of the curve. Suchs is the case of 14-year old Emily DiPrimio, who just released the trailer for her first motion picture "Carver."

Back in September of 2013, the then-13-year-old Emily dreamt of creating her own '80s-style throwback slasher film (don't we all!). So, she set out to make those dreams a reality by creating a modest Kickstarter campaign.

But word quickly spread and Emily easily surpassed her $25,000 goal—racking up $31,900 from more than 500 backers. There are filmmakers twice her age who wish they could achieve that feat. Now, a year later, Emily's supporters can revel in the fruits of their support with the official release of the trailer for her film.

The movie was written and directed entirely by the budding filmmaker and her super cool father, Ron, and it features three teenagers haunted by their past actions. In the past, their pranks caused the deaths of three innocent people, and on the anniversary of those deaths, someone is out for revenge as each teen finds a carved pumpkin warning in their homes.

We're still waiting for a release date, but in the meantime, bookmark the "Carver"official website and get excited over this seriously scary trailer! And shout out to teens taking over.