The 'How I Met Your Mother' Ending We All Wanted Is Finally Here

The alternate ending for the show has leaked online.

UPDATE: The video has been pulled from the internet.

When "How I Met Your Mother" bowed out this past March, many fans of the show could barely contain their outrage. It was not the ending that people were looking for, and it wasn't really the reaction that the creators of the show were looking for either. After the backlash, the show's creator Carter Bays tweeted as much:

Yeah, those don't seem like the words of someone who is pleased with the fan reaction. It's got to be tough to put that much work into something and see everyone hate it, right? Maybe that's why he also wanted to let people know that there was still hope.

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The promise of an alternate, happier ending for the show also began to circulate after this set of tweets:

And it looks like this version is now online.

Well, now the other ending is here. It features a mini-recap of the whole show, a little bit of courage and, well... I'll let you bask in the romance yourself: