Tina Fey Jokes About Her Own Nude Leak And Reminds Us To Always Blame The Hackers

Fey also told David Letterman to always blame the creeps who steal, not their victims.

By Sasha Geffen

Tina Fey got the chance to weigh in on the recent celebrity nudes leak as a guest on the "Late Show with David Letterman" yesterday, giving a welcome reminder that it's the creeps—not the victimized celebrities—who are at fault.

Speaking about her autobiography Bossypants, published in 2011, the "30 Rock" star and former "Saturday Night Live" cast member joked that her book sales would skyrocket if her own nude photos were to be leaked.

Fey was referring to the recent leak on August 26 of private nude photos taken by more than 100 celebrities, including actress Jennifer Lawrence and countless others.

Though some prominent personalities, like New York Times columnist Nick Bilton and comedian Ricky Gervais, have taken to Twitter to condemn celebrities for taking nude selfies in the first place, Fey reminded Letterman's audience that it's always the hackers who deserve the blame. "You have to always remember it is the fault of the creeps who steal," she said. "Creeps who take them are the bad people."

The actress and comedian followed her commentary with a joke about her own nude selfies. "All my nudes are very, very extreme close-ups of my butt, so you'd never know it's me. Like a microscope close-up. Thousands of them," she said.

Watch a clip of Fey's appearance on "Late Show" below.