Get An Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Look At The VFiles Made Fashion Show

Think it'd be impossible to get a fashion show together with four designers from all over the globe who have never shown in New York before? What if you threw in a team of expert mentors (including Mel Ottenberg, the stylist behind so many of Rihanna’s most iconic looks) to help them get NYFW ready? And held it in a functioning concert hall? And then added a DJ competition? Are you exhausted just READING these questions? You should be because that's a LOT of work. But it all happened for this season of VFiles Made Fashion.



VFiles assembled another stellar roster of NYFW virgins for their Spring/Summer 2015 show: ZDDZ, D.TT.K., HAMM, and the only non all-caps four-letter label, Tigran Avetisyan—all of which we'll dive into over the next few days.



VFiles has made a name for themselves by being WAY ahead of the curve on most of your faves' go-to brands—Nasir Mazhar, Hood by Air, Ashish, and Hyein Seo, to name a few—so when the fashion oracle opened its doors to us for an all-access look at putting together this VFiles Made Fashion show, we obviously had to jump on the opportunity.



I mean, there's, like, an 85% chance these clothes are going to be worn by Rih and Katy and Miley in the near future, which means we've GOT to get in on the ground floor. Right???



Right. Get your first taste of the sweet, sweet BTS action above and keep your eye out for the rest of our in-depth embed with the coolest kids in fashion—a collaboration we've affectionately named MTVFILES—rolling out allllll week!