Madison Beer's Sam Smith Cover Is Pitch Perfect And Justin Bieber-Approved

Listen to her version of 'Stay With Me.'

Sam Smith's "Stay With Me" isn't for the weak. Sure, the song exudes vulnerability and heartbreak, but when it comes to singing it, you've got to find strength behind the words to belt it out. Scooter Braun prodigy Madison Beer took to the task of covering the hit, and it got Justin Bieber's seal of approval.

Beer's video shows her in the studio -- with candles to fit the mood -- singing into a mic and wearing headphones. And despite cheesy flirty glances and a scene where she's texting, Madison makes the tune a little more light-hearted with a smile and cuddle time with a puppy.

Watch Madison Beer's cover of Sam Smith's "Stay With Me" and tell us what you think!