The Movie Song Of The Summer Is...

...Actually the movie song of the summer of 1972.

Last week (August 30), we asked you what the Movie Song Of The Summer was, and now, thousands of votes later, we have an answer: 1972's "Go All The Way," by The Raspberries.

The song first plays in the mega-hit "Guardians of the Galaxy" when Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) is escaping from the planet Morag with the dangerous, possibly universe destroying Orb. Confronted by the villainous Korath (Djimon Honsou), Quill springs into action, blasting his way to the safety of his trusty ship The Milano, and remembering to click a track on "Awesome Mix, Vol. 1" before he does.

"Go All The Way" wasn't actually on our original list of Movie Songs Of The Summer, but was the clear winner by overwhelming write-in vote. That said, on the off chance one intrepid voter stuffed the ballots, the second place holder was pretty close.

Also from "Guardians of The Galaxy," your number two choice was "Come and Get Your Love," by Redbone. It's actually the song that directly precedes "Go All The Way," begging the question whether people only watched the first ten minutes of the movie, but we digress.

"Come And Get Your Love" is also part of Quill's "Awesome Mix," played when he arrives on Morag. Clicking on his trusty Walkman, Quill sings and dances through the ruins of Morag, even pulling a native bottom-feeder off a rock to use as a defacto microphone.

So there you go! The Movie Songs of the Summer are from 1972 and 1974 respectively, so everyone else can stop making music now.

Agree? Disagree? Check out all the songs in our Spotify playlist, below: