Watch Justin Theroux Explain What's Going On In His Sweatpants On 'The Leftovers'

He had no idea it was even a thing. Sure, whatever you say Justin.

OK, let's just admit it right now: we've all freeze-framed that first scene in "The Leftovers" because, WHOA!

If you've been wondering just what was going on in star Justin Theroux's sweatpants, well, the actor finally answered the summer's most burning question during an appearance on "Conan" Thursday night.

"OK, this is embarrassing, but I don't know how else to ask you about this," host Conan O'Brien said sheepishly to kick off the segment. "Lot of fans of your show 'The Leftovers' -- I really love the show -- many women today on my staff came up to me and they were saying, 'You have to ask Justin.' There's a scene where you're jogging and they say that your package is quite apparent when you're jogging in these sweatpants. I guess it's a thing that women are talking about."

Theroux covered his face as O'Brien explained how awkward it was to have to bring up the topic. "Was there enhancement going on there? Did you put a clock down there?" he asked. Theroux tried to find a "classy" way to answer, explaining that he didn't know his thing was, well, a thing, until he filmed his second jogging scene later in the season.

Put it this way: for round two the wardrobe department brought in some reinforcements. Watch and learn: