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Deadmau5 Bites Back At Disney Over Copyright Claim

DJ totally owns the mouse house in his legal takedown.

Just days after the Disney corporation filed an objection over superstar DJ Deadmau5's attempt to trademark his iconic mouse-head, the Mau5 has bitten back. While Deadmau5's (born Joel Zimmerman) giant mouse head with x'd out eyes has been trademarked in 30 countries, Disney filed a 181-page objection last month to a U.S. trademark attempt claiming it infringed on the "iconic" rodent logo it's been using for more than 85 years.

On Thursday, Zimmerman's lawyer filed a cease and desist letter claiming that Disney has infringed on his copyright by using a Deadmau5 song in a "Re-Micks" cartoon short called "Ghosts 'n' Stuff" that uses portions of his song, "Ghosts 'n' Stuff." The letter states that Deadmau5 never gave his permission to use the track. (Click here to see the "Ghosts" video.)

Deadmau5 then posted the entire letter, just in case Disney didn't check their inbox.

The second page of the letter claims that Disney is not only infringing on Zimmerman's copyright, but also that of his label. And, not for nothing, "In addition to Disney's numerous acts of copyright infringement, the infringing Video implicates the Zimmerman's trademark and rights in and to his name and likeness - Zimmerman is the sole and exclusive owner of numerous trademark registrations for 'deadmau5.'"

See what he did there?