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A Carrie Underwood Song Is Getting Its Own TV Show

No more wondering about the backstory for the love triangle in 'Two Black Cadillacs'.

Carrie Underwood has always had the flair for the dramatic, so why not make the most of that skill?

Her previous hits, "Before He Cheats" and "Jesus, Take The Wheel," emphasized the car as a vehicle for emotionally-fraught moments. But when 2012's "Two Black Cadillacs" went platinum, one thing became clear: we needed more details, we needed action!

We needed... a TV show.

And just like that, Underwood's tale of intrigue, betrayal and murder is on its way to Fox. E! News reports that Carrie herself will serve as the executive producer for the "six hour event series" with super-producer Jerry Bruckheimer. In TV-speak, event series usually means the series is only scheduled to run for one, limited season.

The Warner Bros. Television show will undoubtedly explore the love triangle that the song references—a mistress and a wife who discover their mutual lover and decide to take matters into their own hands. "One is for his wife / the other for the woman who loved him at night," go the lyrics, explaining the significance of the two cars.

Underwood is already pretty familiar with TV, considering she started her career as the winner of American Idol's Season 5, and recently starred in a live musical version of "The Sound Of Music" for NBC.

Now, who is going to star in the show? Can we nominate Lucy Hale for her "Pretty Little Liars" relationships drama as Aria and her own country star chops? Plus we already know she looks good in black.