'Arrow' Has Cast Its Ra's al Ghul

Actor Matt Nable will play a 'very bad man.'

Sorry, Liam Neeson. "Arrow" has cast its Ra's al Ghul, and they've gone with an actor who hasn't played the DC Comics supervillain before. Instead, The CW show has enlisted Matt Nable ("Riddick") as the head of the League of Shadows.

Ra's al Ghul has been teased on "Arrow" pretty much since the first season, with the League of Assassins first rearing their heads in Season two. It was recently announced that al Ghul, who previously appeared on screen portrayed by Liam Neeson in "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight Rises," would be the big bad of season three, though no actor had been cast.

The description of Ra's differed from Neeson's portrayal, calling for a more physically imposing presence (nothing against Neeson), and Nable seems to fit that bill.

Though we don't know much more than that, we do know that Ra's will show up some time before the show's sixth episode, and the season's theme will be "identity," according to Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim.

Given in "Batman Begins" Ra's wasn't exactly who he said he was, could Nable only be the first actor cast as Ra's? We'll just have to watch "Arrow" when the show returns on October 8 to find out.

What do you think of Nable's casting?