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Lily Allen Wants To Cut All Of Harry Styles' Hair Off

Once upon a time, Harry Styles was known for his curly side-swept hair. It was highly stylized bedhead at its finest, and it was appreciated across the internet—nay, the world. Over the course of this year, though, Harry has been letting his luscious locks grow long. He's worn many things on top his head, wrapped his hair in countless headbands, and even tried a tiny man-bun. While One Direction fans have grown to embrace the new look, Lily Allen has not. She is not here for his long hair, like, at all.

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In an interview with Grazia Daily, Lily reveals that if she could make over one person, it'd be Harry Styles. The main thing she'd like to do? "I'd like to cut his hair off," she says. She doesn't explain how much—like, are we talking all of it, or 2011 Harry hair? Either way, we're kinda into the whole ~long hair thing~ by now.


Harry, you've been warned—don't let Lily anywhere near you with scissors. Let your lengthy locks flutter in the L.A. wind while you still can, bb.