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Will Beyonce Have Another Baby? We Asked A Psychic

A horoscope for Bey's Bey Day.

Beyoncé is 33 today! In honor of the Queen turning the double 3s, MTV News enlisted resident psychic Licorice Root to take a peek at Bey's year ahead. New tunes? New baby? New bling? Licorice Root cast her eyes to the stars to see what's ahead for this heavenly body:

Happy Birthday to one perfect Virgo: Beyoncé! This year stands to be her very best yet with Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and growth, strolling through the very top of her natal chart, bringing her to new heights of fame and glory.

Guess when the last time this lineup occurred in this diva’s natal chart? Twelve years ago, way back in 2002, when she and Jay Z came out as couple of lovebirds, releasing the single "'03 Bonnie and Clyde."

No doubt this lady married for love; however, who could argue that pairing up with rap’s foremost player when you’re already a formidable feature in music did anything but increase her fame?

Well, here we are 12 years later, and it’s very likely that history will repeat itself, with Beyoncé drawing more fame, affection and attention toward herself.

But, it won’t be all rainbows and lollipops -- aesthetically speaking at least. Saturn, who is often associated with melancholia, doom and gloom is cozying up to Beyoncé’s intense, mysterious and fierce Scorpio Moon. Goth Beyoncé? I’m excited!

This combination of cosmic forces also suggests she’s being for-serious in all her endeavors and committing to major long-term lifestyle choices.

So let's break down her year ahead with some questions...

Can we expect new music this year?

Keeping wth Saturn’s somber mood, I expect Beyoncé will be singing quite a few songs about heartbreak, pain, longing and triumphing over loss. October’s Mercury retrograde will be rolling through her Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Pluto. Translated from astrology-speak to English: It’s quite likely that she’ll be inspired by nostalgic themes, regrets and their consequences, turning a new leaf and reconsidering what makes us feel sexy and desirable.

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An anthem for calling an ex you still have one last thing to say to? Beyoncé may come through with the perfect tune. Springtime may reveal some interesting news about who she’ll partner with creatively, and late summer may reveal that she’s working on a single or album with a star-studded team of performers. Obviously, Beyoncé is great solo, but her Virgo sun is located in the area of her chart that rules groups, cliques and posses, and she may long for being on a team like Destiny’s Child again later in 2015.

Will Bey have another babe?

Methinks the stars don’t have another Bey Bey in store for Mrs. Carter. Blue Ivy may remain among the single babies. However, it does seem to me that in her chart, mother and daughter will truly be best friends. Jupiter, that good luck planet, presides over the area of her natal chart that rules baby-making. However, the placement of her Jupiter suggests to me that she will often feel confused or mystified around the subject of family.

What will Jay give her for her Bey-Day?

What Jay Z should get her for her birthday would be practical everyday things that our Virgo, Queen Bey, will find herself using on a daily basis. In a Virgo’s eyes, a gift they can use every day is the most thoughtful kind. Bey’s chart suggests she likes loud colors, rare objects and anything related to water -- perhaps a hot-tub (SURFBOARDT!)? Something you could use every day and aquatic. Paint it blue, green and pink, and you’ll have made her day, Jay Z!

This year in particular, my bet is that Jay Z will give her something that’s related to healing, something therapeutic. Perhaps a quiet vacation with plenty of massages?

Happy Birthday Beyoncé! The stars are shining brightly for you.