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James Franco Shaved His Beautiful Head For A New Film Role

"Get ready for ZEROVILLE."

James Franco still can't sit still. Embarking on his 784th indie side project, the actor/writer/professor/director went ahead and shaved off his beautiful brown locks for a new role.

"Get ready for ZEROVILLE," Franco writes on Instagram.

Well, I don't know if I CAN BE READY FOR THIS, FRANCO. Granted, he gave us all a fair warning yesterday, but we all thought it had to be a joke.

"Say Goodbye to this hair... You'll see. Tomorrow," Franco wrote. That doesn't exactly scream serious intention with the whole cool-guy composure going on.

Nevertheless, we are now forced to deal with the hairless situation at hand. First things first, let's find out a little more about "Zeroville."

Franco optioned Steve Erickson's Hollywood novel of the same name way back in 2011. The story follows the dark journey of film student Ike "Vikar" Jerome, who travels to Tinsel Town with hopes of breaking into the industry. Some research reveals that Vikar sports a shaved head with a tattoo of '50s-era actors Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor as they appear in "A Place in the Sun."

Since Franco is the ultimate method actor, he might actually go ahead and replicate the ink onto his own dome. It wouldn't make for a bad addition. Then again, makeup artists can work wonders with fake tattoos.

The book also features a hefty handfull of 1970's stars including Robert De Niro, John Milius, Margot Kidder, Ryan O'Neal, Ali MacGraw, Paul Schrader, Luciano Damiani, Brian De Palma, and the ghost of Montgomery Clift. Although no details about the film are available, we're curious to see who fills in the all-star line up.

Franco is currently galavanting around Italy for the Venice Film Festival, accepting the Jaeger-LeCoultre Glory to the Filmmaker Award and premiering his latest directorial effort, "The Sound and The Fury."