5SOS Give Us The Heartbreaking Scoop On Writing Their Next Album


OK, OK, so it's hardly been a month since 5 Seconds of Summer released their self-titled debut album, but already we want more. And since America isn't getting that Amnesia EP on Friday like everyone else, we just had to ask the guys when we'll be hearing new music.

"We like to go on tour and then come back, so you have something to write about," Luke Hemmings told MTV News when we caught up with them before their performance at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards.

Ashton Irwin agreed fully, saying, "'Cause you don't want to write the same album twice. I think we like to go away and live a little, and when we come back with the experiences and things, we write them."

So I guess that means they won't really get to work until after their Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour in September 2015. That's a really long time, guys.

Maybe they can sketch out ideas on the tour bus in between gigs? Get a head start?

"Usually, if you have some spare time, you want to catch up on sleep," Michael Clifford admits.

I know you need your beauty rest, lads, but rats!