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We Now Have Mathematical Proof That Beyonce's VMA Performance Was Life-Changing

Sales of BEYONCE are up 181 percent following her performance.

If there were any doubts about the powerful, jaw-dropping VMA performance that Beyoncé bestowed upon us this year, we now have the numbers to back it all up.

Billboard reports that post-VMAs, sales of King B's self-titled fifth album have risen by a whopping 181 percent—from 6,000 copies to 16,000 in a mere week.

As for the individual songs that Bey performed during her extended medley, they saw an increase as well, with a 155 percent jump from 49,000 to 126,000.

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And Beyoncé wasn't the only one to see a boost from the award show—overall music sales from VMA-related artists were up by 41 percent, which Billboard notes is fairly high.

Sam Smith was another big gainer from the host of musicians who were featured on the show. His debut album In The Lonely Hour had a gain of 24 percent, with 30,000 sales for the week up from 24,000.

Considering how much Sam loves Beyoncé, could this correlation be the work of the Illuminati, who some people still think coordinated the entire VMAs? Guess we'll never know.

One thing is for sure, we're not going to be forgetting Beyoncé's performance anytime soon. In fact, let's watch it again, shall we?

Yup, still ***flawless.