The Karl Lagerfeld Barbie Will, Obviously, Be Very Exclusive

Barbie has been making waves lately. Not only does the style icon have a collection with Forever 21 coming out today, but she's also been spotted jet-setting and posting snaps of her outfits on Instagram. Like all good fashion bloggers, her boyfriend, Ken, has been confirmed as Barbie's unofficial photographer. Rumor has it that she's going to make an appearance at all four major fashion weeks starting this week in New York. But the biggest news? Barbie has teamed up with Karl Lagerfeld and created a female doll in his likeness.


Not surprisingly, mini Karl won't be easy to get your hands on. The Karl Barbies will be produced in a super limited batch of 999 dolls, and will only be available at Karl Lagerfeld boutiques, Collette, Net-a-Porter, and Each will be priced at around $200, and will be available for purchase on September 29. From what we've seen so far, the tiny Mattel Inc. x Karl Lagerfeld figurine will be dressed in a near replica of Uncle Karl's uniform: a black-and-white suit with a tie, fingerless gloves, sunglasses, and a signature white ponytail.


No word yet on what possible accessories might come with tiny Karl, but I'm hoping it's a tiny fan, a bottle of Diet Coke and, an even smaller Choupette.