This Guy Recreated Girls' Tinder Photos And The Results Are Amazing

Attention Tinderellas: There is a 'Tindafella' who's flawlessly copying your profile pics.

Like many Tinder users, Jarrod Allen is "single and searching for love." But unlike most of them, he's going about it in a very weird way -- by recreating girls' Tinder images and posting them to his social media accounts under the extremely appropriate title "Tindafella." The results are priceless, and we've picked a few of our favorite pics below:

The world's most exotic waterfall

How is this even possible?!

He came in like a wrecking ball

The only Jane this Tarzan will ever need

I don't even have any words for this

Putting 'Game Of Thrones' to shame

To see the rest of Jarrod's amazing Tinderland adventures, check out his Instagram and Tumblr pages.