There's One More Unsolved 'Teen Wolf' Mystery: Who Is The Desert Wolf?

The identity of Malia's mother has yet to be revealed.

A family reunion is in order on "Teen Wolf," but this one won't include ice cream and cake.

On Monday night's episode, Peter, whose agenda is about as clear as a slab of granite, told Malia that the identity of her mother -- who Peter identified as "The Desert Wolf" -- was as good as hers if she agreed to kill Kate Argent in exchange. Malia looked befuddled by the offer, but considering she'd only just learned that Peter was her father, and that her family tree had been totally uprooted in the process, she felt more desperate than ever to figure things out.

The problem is, Kate's not going down quietly. Though her transformation into a werecoyote is recent, she's already supremely powerful, and no one has been able to mess with her or her Beserkers and live to tell the tale. Still, going toe-to-toe with the former werewolf hunter might be Malia's only shot, as she and amateur sleuth Stiles, who did successfully stop The Benefactor's cash flow, haven't had as much luck nailing down the identity of The D.W.

So, got any guesses? Considering all you've seen this season, who is The Desert Wolf, and who gave birth to Malia? Let us know what you think, and let's hope Monday night's "Teen Wolf" finale gives us the answer we've been looking for!