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Woman Gives Her Cat A Bath, Winds Up in Hospital For Six Days

Felines don't f--- around when it comes to water.

"If you give a mouse a cookie, he'll want a glass of milk." If you give a cat a bath, you'll find yourself in the hospital. For six days.

That's what happened to Lesley Pleasant, who told her harrowing tale to the Shepton Mallet Journal. She was trying to de-flea her 10 month-old Persian cat, Oscar, by giving him a bath. It didn't go well.


“He flew up my arm, and my daughter had to ease his claws out of my skin," said Pleasant, “I was covered in scratches, but one, on the inside of my elbow was really deep. It hurt like anything, but it didn’t bleed, so I just got on with my day.”

At 10pm that night, Lesley woke up and knew something was wrong. “I had this terrible headache, and I couldn’t move my arm," she said. At about 5am, she asked her daughter to get her some paracetamol. “My arm had swollen up and looked like one of those long, sausage balloons you get," said Pleasant.

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It only got worse from there. Lesley tried to drive herself to the hospital, only to find it was closed when she got there. She had to go back to her house, wait a few hours, and have her friend drive her back to the hospital. “I threw up in the car all the way there. When I arrived in A&E, they whisked me through straight away, got me into a bed and put me on a drip.”

That drip contained penicillin, a powerful antibiotic. It took doctors three days to figure out Lesley was allergic to it.

Thankfully, after almost a week of misery, Lesley is feeling better. “I was taking 16 pills a day when I got back, but now I’m back to full-health."

Oscar the cat could not be reached for comment at this time.

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