Holland Roden Sees 'Teen Wolf''s Lydia As A Hipster Who's Into Hozier

On the 'Teen Wolf After After Show,' the actress says her character isn't as girly as you think.

Don't let the perfectly groomed hair or flowery wardrobe fool you -- according to "Teen Wolf" actress Holland Roden, Lydia Martin is, at her core, a hipster who's comfortably seated on music's cutting edge.

In the "Teen Wolf After After Show" below, host Morgan Evans asks Holland what she supposes the banshee's ringtone is, and the actress guesses that it's nothing that's bubbling up the Billboard Top 40.

"I would like to think she hits up the hipster small venue concerts of Southern California," Roden says in the clip, and considers a Lighthouse and the Whaler tune before making Hozier her final choice. "I'm gonna say 'Take Me To Church,' because I think Beacon Hills could use some praying."

As for Stiles and Lydia, whom "Teen Wolf" fans champion as a fantasy couple, well, they're in God's hands, too.

"I'm gonna be very interested to see what the fans think after this season," Holland teases.

Check out the full segment, share your thoughts on Lydia the hipster and stay tuned for the "Teen Wolf" season finale next Monday night at 10/9c!