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Miley Cyrus Renames Her Pet Pig, Um, ‘Pig’

Makes sense.

Bubba Sue is no more. According to an Instagram photo from early Wednesday (September 3), Miley Cyrus has rechristened her recently acquired pet pig, who shall henceforth be known only as “Pig.”

Sorry, that’s not entirely fair to “Babe 3: The Babe-ening” over here. Bubba Sue herself was the one who “legally changed her name to PIG,” Miley writes in the photo’s caption, adding that she will also respond to “Pig Pig.” But don’t you DARE call her “Pig Pig Pig.”

Miley and her BFF/personal assistant/Biew Biew in Residence Cheyne Thomas celebrated the rechristening with some pics.

Instagram (@mileycyrus)

Love the vintage Hard Core tee. Does this mean Lil’ Kim’s the godmother?

Instagram (@mileycyrus)

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