Gymnast McKayla Maroney Says She’s Underage In Hacked Photos

Maroney isn't the only one who says she was under 18 in leaked photos .

A lawyer for gymnast McKayla Maroney says the nude images uploaded of the gold-medal-winning athlete were taken when she was underage. The pictures of Maroney were part of a massive leak of similar shots that included pics of Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence and Ariana Grande.

According to TMZ, a lawyer for Maroney, who turned 18 in December, has gotten a popular porn site to removed the leaked pictures after informing them that she was a minor when they were snapped. A different lawyer for the athlete has also reportedly gotten multiple other websites to take the pictures down by claiming that Maroney owns the copyright on the hacked images.

The action came despite claims by Maroney that the photos were fakes.