News Flash: Gary Glitter Arrested For Child Pornography

Gary Giltter, the '70s glam rocker whose "Rock And Roll Part II" is a

standard in sports arenas nationwide, was arrested Tuesday in London after

images of child pornography were allegedly found on a computer he brought

in for repair. The 53-year-old singer, whose real name is Paul Gadd, was

released on bail without being charged after speaking with detectives, a

spokesperson for the flamboyant singer told Reuters.

Glitter's lawyer issued a statement asserting, "My client categorically

denies committing any offense," according to the British Press

Association news service. Neither Glitter nor his attorney would

comment further.

Following his arrest, the rock star withdrew his participation from the

BBC's upcoming "Children In Need" TV charity appeal. A BBC spokesman told

the PA on Thursday, "Gary Glitter's manager had a conversation with

the 'Children In Need' production office this morning and it was mutually

agreed he wouldn't appear on the show."

Glitter was taken into police custody after employees at a computer repair

shop found indecent images on the hard drive of a computer the singer

wanted repaired, according to the report. The spokesperson also confirmed

to Reuters that videos and indecent photographs depicting children were

seized during a raid at an address in London. There was no word on whether

the residence belonged to Glitter.

The singer is best known for his anthemic "Rock And Roll Part II," which

for years has been used to rouse fans into shouting "hey!" at sporting

events. In 1996, Glitter, who often performs in outrageous clothes and

platform shoes, attempted a comeback in Britain with his cover of the

Animals' song "House Of The Rising Sun," which he played on the "Top Of The

Pops" show in December of last year.

Glitter, who also performed with the Who during last year's Quadrophenia

tour, is set to embark on a 25th anniversary tour in England next month. A

spokesman for Glitter told the PA that the tour, which has become an

annual event, will continue as planned.

Although he's sold almost 20 million albums over the past two-and-a-half

decades, Glitter has gone bankrupt, battled drug addiction and attempted

suicide at least twice during his up and down career. Most recently he

portrayed himself in the upcoming film from the Spice Girls. His music was

also featured in the English indie film The Full Monty, released

late last summer. -- Jon Vena [Thurs., Nov. 20, 1997, 9 a.m. PDT]