Kira's Lip-Print Shirt From Last Night's 'Teen Wolf' Is Still For Sale

Ability to battle berserkers not included.

Wait. Did you guys know the season finale of Teen Wolf is next week? Last night's episode was the penultimate time we get to see our pals for a while? How can it be? You know what will make the hiatus fly by? Draping yourself in the same clothes your fave characters wear. We've shown you how to cop Lydia's floral steez and Malia's thrown-together approach, and now we're turning our attention to Kira's edgier and darker style.


Last night, for her first (official!) date with Scott, Kira paired a lip-print tank, plaid skirt, and fishnets. In theory, it is a lot to have going on in one outfit, but Kira manages to pull it all together, thanks in large part to that leather jacket.


We were so preoccupied by Kira's shirt, that we barely realized she ended up surrounded by human skulls on her first date. Once we found the shirt for sale, though, we could direct our attention back to Kira being trapped in Mexico, Scott being turned into a berserker, etc.

Madison Los Angeles

You can get the shirt from Madison Los Angeles for $62. The ability to use a chain as a lasso when battling berserkers, unfortunately, does not come included.