What If 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Had 'Star Wars'-Style Credits?

This actually works pretty well.

If you haven't already checked out StarWars.com's Crawl Creator, you absolutely should. It allows you to make an authentic "Star Wars" credit sequence with whatever title or text that you want.

I've had a bunch of fun with it already. They're still working out some of the bugs, so I can't share my creations with you directly. In the mean time, you can plug my "Guardians of the Galaxy" crawl into the creator to get a taste of what a mash-up of the two might be like.

The war waging between the Kree and the Xandarians, after years of violence and countless lives lost, has ended in a peace treaty.

Enraged by what he perceives as surrender by his people, Ronan the Accuser has turned to Thanos for a way to destroy Xandar and the Nova Corps.

In exchange for the Power Stone, the Mad Titan promises to end Xandar and perhaps the universe as we know it...

Got a fun riff on the "Star Wars" crawl? Post it in the comments below!