Dmitry Kostyukov / AFP/Getty Images

Cop Drives Drunk Man Home, Sends Him Funny Text The Next Day

"Hope you're not too hungover," the cop wrote.

Being hungover is punishment enough for a rough night out, so it's kinda nice when a friend checks up on you the next morning to make sure you're OK (and to bring you a bagel). It's even more badass when a cop texts you.

That's exactly what happened to Marty, who was luckily driven home by the police after what we can only assume was a raucous night of fun and debauchery. A cop sent Marty this thoughtful message the next day:


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Waking up with only a hazy memory of the night before is a scary feeling. It's no fun to frantically text everyone in your phone to piece together the details of the night à la "The Hangover." It's even less fun to be the poor soul that has to take care of a drunk friend -- so we tip our hats to Mr. Nice Ploice Man for getting Marty home safely.