Warning: Ansel Elgort’s EDM Music Will Make Your Heart Skip a Beat

The ‘Fault in Our Stars’ actor’s musical stylings will have you swooning.

Ansel Elgort knows how to get down and dirty, and he wants you to join him.

Before you get your mind too far down in the gutter, let us clarify: Ansel is a dance machine while spinning his EDM music. The actor moonlights as his alter ego Ansolo, creating what he calls “progressive house” music that is “clubby and groovy” with a tribal feel, and remixing familiar songs.

This Labor Day weekend, he was busy making fans swoon with his riled-up performance at NYC’s Electric Zoo, but that was far from the first time the “Fault in Our Stars” actor impressed us with his sweet jams. Here are 10 times Ansel charmed the pants off of everyone with his musical stylings. You’ll want to sit down for this one.

1. When he could not contain his dancing at Electric Zoo.

Even though this video is black and white, his performance was beyond colorful.

2. When he worked up a sweat at the show.

Is it hot in here, or is it just Ansel?

3. When he took his music to the bedroom.

We’re not kidding.

4. When he got down to his track, totally shirtless.

One step away from “Magic Mike.”

5. When he made Lana Del Rey danceable.

More like born to dance, amirite?

6. When he took things to the next level by serenading us, John Legend-style.

We can’t get you outta our minds, either.

7. When he teamed up with Nat Wolff to sing The Beatles.


8. When he was Bob Dylan — literally — at a dinner party.

We want to go to there.

9. When he gave Zac Efron a run for his money.

We’ll just pretend this rendition of “It Takes Two” from “Hairspray” wasn't from when he was in high school so we feel less old.

10. When he sang "I’ll Cover You" from Rent and changed everything.

Again, high school. And yes, he’s playing Tom Collins.

Bonus: listen to his two officially-released tracks, "Unite" and "Totem," below: