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Charli XCX Calls Out Sexist DJ Who Deserves A Boom-Slap

Singer had to deal with a 'massively offensive' exchange.

As if it weren't abhorrently clear already how rampant sexism runs in the music world, Charli XCX was apparently asked a rather lewd question by Dutch DJ Giel Beelen -- after he disparaged "girl bands" on the whole, of course. Because why stop at discrediting an entire gender when you can make a talented member of it feel massively uncomfortable as well?

"Just got asked if I was fingering myself on the radio. s/o sexism. it's the best," Charli tweeted Tuesday (September 2), to which Beelen responded, Icona Pop reference at the ready, "I don't care, i love it ;-) thx was fun!"

The section of the interview in which Beelen asked the offensive question doesn't seem to have been posted to the website for his show, "GIEL!" (MTV News has reached out to the station for comment), but as far as we can gather from Dutch news sources, the DJ asked Charli to participate in a section of the show called "a horny good morning," in which guests are instructed to say "good morning" as sensually as possible. That's when he dropped the "fingering" comment.

That wasn't the only questionable statement Giel made during the course of the 6-plus-minute interview , though. The DJ also manages to insult female musicians on the whole when trying to pay the "Boom Clap" singer a compliment.

"Normally, it's not done to have a girl band, because it looks great, but it sounds terrible," Beelen said in a statement filled with too many issues to suss out here.

"Well, that's massively offensive," Charli rejoined, to which Beelen responded, "I think you have a good band that not even looks good but sounds good as well."

Annnnd, we're just going to leave this here...