Jeff Kravitz / Getty Images for Anheuser-Busch

By The Numbers: Made In America Festival Reveals The Perfect Concert Outfit

We counted up festival-goers' apparel to figure out what you should wear to your next concert.

The fashion at last weekend's Made In America festival ranged from star-spangled flags to furry monster get-ups. But what's the perfect outfit for a music festival? To figure it out, we decided to learn through observation. We counted up how many Chuck Taylors, crop tops, and so on we saw in five minutes at the Philly concert. Here's our super scientific data:

People Not Wearing Shirts

7 shirtless girls

6 shirtless dudes

1 guy in the middle of taking his shirt off

Perfectly Normal Clothes

52 muscle shirts

36 crop tops

31 significantly exposed butt cheeks (some of which were shyer than others)

5 leggings worn as pants

3 American flags worn as clothes

2 overalls

1 clothing reference to marijuana

Things You Put On Your Head

49 backwards baseball caps

32 forwards baseball caps

26 bandanas

5 bucket hats

2 fedoras

2 sweatbands worn as headbands

Extraneous Decorations

12 bedazzled body parts

3 painted faces

1 girl with dip-dyed hair

Shoes That Look Better When They're A Little Bit Dirty

67 Converse Chuck Taylors

14 Vans

4 Toms

1 pair of Birkenstocks

Miscellaneous Accessories

91 beer cans

10 Camelbaks

8 strands of Mardi Gras beads

5 fanny packs

We formulated the optimal music festival apparel based on our completely accurate research*. The top pieces from each category were thoughtfully combined to bring you this fabulous runway-worthy outfit:

*This research isn't accurate. It's not even real research. It's just two girls counting random pieces of clothing (or lack thereof). Wear whatever you want to your next music festival -- you do you!